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Profile and Artist Statement

I have been an enthusiastic photographer since 1988 but having served my sentence as a working pharmacist I changed career and studied photography and digital imaging at James Watt College, Greenock. I have practised a wide range of photographic techniques over the years and developed a particular interest in taking and printing black and white images using traditional film and darkroom processes.

The integration of digital technology with traditional photographic principles has enabled me to be more creative and allowed me greater scope to express moods and themes in my images. For me the act of seeing creatively is connected with ideas and composition and the blending of these with emotions into a single vision. This approach blurs the boundaries between photography and art and produces a final image that is unique rather than a photographic record of a subject.

Although digital art may seem at odds with the traditions of black and white photography I see common elements between them. The creation of a successful composition in both is achieved by ensuring the relative values of the different elements in the frame are visually balanced.

I tend to leave the observer to complete each piece with their own vision and imagination. This contrasts with the scientific world where concepts are specified in minute detail with little left open to interpretation. It took a great leap of faith for me to follow my new path but I believe everything depends on where you invest your energy. Therefore I have "dispensed" with the literal approach to my work.

My work explores myths and legends, venturing into the world of fantasy and surrealism. My images are intended to delve into the subject and resonate with the viewer by evoking emotion, stimulating interpretation, and inspiring contemplation.