In the CornfieldOut of Africa
Hide and SeekRegeneration
Fruits of the FallAutumn Harvest


This early work was created during a period of transition from monochrome work to the creation of multichrome digital photo montages.

The piece is created from black and white images with the final work being duotoned.


Here the industrial hardness is softened by the plant elements.

The inclusion of the single red rose along side the metal plates gives the piece its title.

This work is in a private collection

In the Cornfield

This work conveys something of the peace experienced in an uncut cornfield. The presence of the human element and the discarded cart wheel indicate that the peace is not unbroken.

The reversal of scale of the elements add visual tension while the splashes of colour bring the piece together.They are introduced by a special technique conceived by the author to mimic hand tinting.

This work has been used as a CD insert on self promotional material

Out of Africa

An unusual twist on a studio portrait.

Hide and Seek

A game of hide and seek in the fantasy world.

Will the seeker find the hidden person before time runs out?


In the fantasy world the skeletons of souless bodies are placed in a strictly controlled environment to await their reincarnation.

Fruits of the Fall

This piece was shortlisted in a competition where the brief was Autumn

Autumn Harvest

Another work in the Autumn Series.

It is created in a more naive style, the elements being easily identifiable and brought together with the sweeping corn.

This is the first work to include typography by the addition of the calander for October.