Eastern GlowEastern Light
Eastern NightEastern Faces
ApolloWar and Peace
PoseidonContradiction Close Up

Eastern Glow

This is the premier work in the Eastern Head series. The heads are all images of flags flying at a fair.

The piece is strengthened by the use of colour and lighting.

This work has been exhibited in many galleries and used extensively in self promotional material.

It is in a private collection.

Eastern Light

Another work from the Eastern Head series.

All works in this series are linked through the inclusion of the cracked mosaic pattern, which originates in an image of a monolith sculpture.

Eastern Night

Another work in the Eastern Head series.

This composition is the most graphic in the series. The supporting elements are all strong shapes which contrast with the gentle softness of the material that makes up the head focal point.

Eastern Faces

The final work in the Eastern Head series.

This is another graphic work but including two different flags this time


This piece was created for a series on the Greek Gods.

This one was for Apollo.

War and Peace

This is another piece from the Greek God series.

This one is Ares


Another piece from the Greek Gods series.

This one was for Poseidon.

This work is in a private collection.

Contradiction Close Up