Back to the FutureRebel Days
RepatriationWinds of Time
DocksideFootprints in Time

Back to the Future

The background is grunged as the youth does not want to go there.

It is the real world. A world of being responsible, getting a job,earning a wage.

He wants to stay without a care....riding his bike.

He will go through the passage of time...

Rebel Days

The sweet child's gone
Who is this
So completely different
In dress, in nature, in everything....

The adult child
Much still to learn
If it ever happens....
Tread gently, warily, softly
Do not rock the boat
The attitude will go
Be calm and patient and gently kind
Just be a guardian angel
Lead along the path
Crises and disaster free

The dark night stops
The sun arises
Time does not stand still
The rebel days will pass


The migration of people from working on the land, to working in the towns to emigrating to better lands.

Winds of Time

A representation of wind power.


The elements of the piece combine to show the different aspects of the docks.

The busy composition along with the colour and grunge combine to give the feel of a busy dock.

This is a later piece comprised soley of entire monochrome images duotoned to complete the mood.

Footprints in Time

This piece depicts the demise of heavy industry and the regeneration of the land through time to a different use.

The decaying soles are the slow decline and the appearance of the flowers is the regeneration.

This piece has been exhibited in many galleries.

It is in a private collection.