ApparitionFighting Spirits
Forest DreamThe Watchers
RumoursRumours II


Three little angels just about to part and go their separate ways to where they are needed....
In the swirling tide there are many to choose from....
To whom will they go?....

Fighting Spirits

Central to this piece is the inclusion of the brightly lit flower which represents the overflow of emotion which results in the fight. The cobatants are trapped in their anger and isolated from reality which is represented by setting the dark background.

Forest Dream

The Enchanted Forest where the baby angels live in a big glass house is found above the clouds.

The Watchers

Strange beings have been discovered in the magic wood. Are they good or bad? A watchful eye is kept....


True or false
Right or wrong
On and on

Subtle change
More and more
On and on

Complete cycle
Good or Bad
True or False

Rumours II

The second piece in the rumours series. The rumour continues......
Round and round...