Random FloatsJumbled
SwingGoing Down
Drums and BambooWood and Stone


Found still life in Priests Cove at Cape Cornwall.The cove is still used by local fishermen and this image captures some of the trappings of their work

The contrast in texture between the rough sacking and the smooth contours of the float is enhanced by the framing of the rope


Fishing net strung out to dry in Priests Cove at Cape Cornwall

The shapes and textures of the notted ropes gives this image its interest

Random Floats

A jumble of wooden floats framed to make a more interesting collection


Found still life at Carradale Harbour on the Kintyre Peninsula, Scotland


The quality of the low light enhances this study of the diagonal lines created by the swing and the shadows formed by a fence which is just out of shot

Going Down

Image captured at Mullion Cove on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall

The diagonal lines formed by the elements positioned in the frame make this a strong graphic composition.

Drums and Bamboo

The contrasting textures and grain of the wood is emphasised by the framing in this composition.

Eden Project, Cornwall

Wood and Stone

The contrast in texture between the two materials is emphasised by their close proximity

The diagonal composition enhances the impact of the image