Oars at RestFish Door
Bars and FloatRoped Float
Frozen ToesPeace with Dove
Stone HandGrain Diagonal

Oars at Rest

Found still life of contrasting textures.

The smooth weathered oars resting on the rough sacking

Fish Door

Graphic image illustrating the different shapes and textures found at a fisherman's hut.

The sunlight adds depth to the image

Bars and Float

Found still life at Priest Cove Cornwall.

The toning adds to the mood of the image

Roped Float

The smooth surface of the float is a good foil for the pattern formed by the knots of the net.

The toning treatment adds atmosphere to the image

Frozen Toes

A detail of part of a sculpture.

The rhythm of the toes is broken by the piece of icy snow

Peace with Dove

A sculpture at the entrance to the Queen Mother rose garden in Hazelhead Park Aberdeen.

The work is bathed in winter sun enhancing the emotion conveyed by the subject

Stone Hand

Graphic detail from a sculpture.

The basis of this image is the contrast between the straight and curved lines echoing each other

Grain Diagonal

An image of the contrasting textures and patterns formed by wood and stone