Fuel for Climate ChangeQuayside Reflection
Twin WheelsMine Truck
Retired MinerRuined Boat
Rusty AnchorWeave and Grain

Fuel for Climate Change

Image submitted to a competition run by the Independent Newspaper.

The brief was to capture the causes and effects of climate change. The image was shortlisted by judges David Bailey and Nick Hall and was shown in the Science Museum in London.

The image represents acid rain droplets gathered on top of an oildrum containing a modern day pollutant. A reflection of the sky in the rainwater completes the interpretation.

Quayside Reflection

Abstract image of a tug reflected in the water at the quayside in James Watt Dock, Greenock in Scotland.

Twin Wheels

Twin wheels from the disused tin mines at Redruth.

The wheels were part of the winding mechanism at the head of the mine shaft.

Mine Truck

A disused truck that was used in the tin mines at Redruth

Retired Miner

A digital "infra-red" style image taken in the yard of a Cornish tin mine in England.

The image shows a Morris Minor car ironically abandoned alongside relics of the tin mining industry.

The yard is located at Taylors shaft which houses a 90inch pumping engine that is the largest left in Cornwall.

It is owned by the National Trust.

Ruined Boat

A digital image converted to black and white but with selected areas of colour left unchanged.

This technique is intended to mimic the hand painted prints commonly produced by photographic studios before full colour became commonplace.

Rusty Anchor

Another example of a predominantly black and white image with selected areas of colour left unchanged.

The colours emphasize the flaking rust layers by contrast with the monochrome backdrop.

Weave and Grain

Again the texture of the sail is emphasized by the unexpected colour introduced into a monochrome image.

The sails belong to the lugger "Dolly Pentreath" whose namesake is widely recognised as the last person to speak exclusively in Cornish.