Rocks and ShellsWood and Shells
Rock CurveGrain
Botallack RocksPrehistoric Light

Rocks and Shells

The position of the rocks and shells create an interesting composition. The strength of the image is derived from the triangular relationships formed between individual elements.

Wood and Shells

The quality of the light created by a bright but overcast sky enhances the textural patterns of the wood, rocks, and shells in this image

Rock Curve

A collection of large boulders thrown together by the sea formed a seemingly intentional path across the seashore.

This composition was lost to the next tide when the boulders were scattered.

This image was published in Black and White Photography Magazine


A study of the pattern left on a wooden support that has been weathered by the action of the sea

Priest's Cove, Cape Cornwall

Botallack Rocks

A rock face located at the disused Botallack Mines on the far West coast of Cornwall. The mines are spectacularly located at the bottom of sheer cliffs.

The strong directional light captures the strength and ruggedness of the location.

Prehistoric Light

Trevethy Quoit, South of Bodmin Moor is a burial chamber built around 2000BC

The unusual angle - taken from underneath the capstone - captures the sunlight streaming through the top.


A digital "infra-red" study of reeds in a bog

Located at the Kelly Cut at Cornalees Bridge in the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, Inverclyde


Digitally enhanced image of a leaf.

The metallic effect applied emphasises the elements and strength of the leaf structure.